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2 of my country badges have a check mark addon.
Does that mean I have all counties within the country? Because it is for 2 countries where I have all counties.
But I can't find any documentation explaining the addon on:

Also small examples images of the addons to the Loop/Addon matrix table might make it easier to read because some are self explanatory icons but others are not
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4 Answers

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Official answer: The checkmark on Country badges indicates you have found all counties (or equivalent) of that country. There a are 3 levels:

Country - the badge itself
State - the color/quality of the badge (bronze - diamond)
County - the checkmark addon, if complete

Please note, there are several countries, where PGC does not have enough OSM polygon data on the State and County level to compute stats. If you have found at least one cache in such a country, the badge will appear "wooden".
by clappy (15.7k points)
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Thank you. I was guessing this was the case but I just couldn't find any official documentation on it.

I know about the missing data, I've got "Nepal", "Honduras" and "Guatamala" witch all have the wooden badge

Talking about countries without polygon data. Is there a reason that Guatamala only has a flag and no name in the "Highest and lowest elevations" table?
GCGCXA     Volcan de Pacaya     Virtual Cache

I know it's not important but it just bugs me that there is no name ;)
Now there is official confirmation.  Thank you Clappy.
saw the problem, currently the issue with the flag is: next to the flag is the state, not the country. If these data are missing, it's blank.
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This is correct, as far as I know. I have tried finding a confirmation of this as I am sure that I read it somewhere, but failed.

Generally speaking there is a strange difference between the normal badges and the country badges: when you hover the cursor over a normal badge you get an explanation about this badge including a line explaining which addons you have earned. With the country badges no such information on addons is given. It might be good - also for consistency - to add this also for the country badges.
by k+gw+a (12.6k points)
Suggest adding your idea to a Feature Request thread since it will end up being buried and overlooked here.  I would search to see if it was already suggested to avoid those pesky down votes.
Funny. Within my german language, I have all information about the counties with a mouse over. So I see the percentage and get an information how many reagions I need to get to another level
Yes, indeed, but you do not get a line saying which addons you have earned and what for, do you?
The addon information has been added to the country badges in our dev environment and will be on the public servers in a few days.
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This is the thread that discusses ideas for country badges\

If you scroll down and read Clappy's answer you will notice a reference about all counties. Also note that other answer requested it.  Still, there is no confirmation that a check mark indicates all counties.

Regarding the other suggestion about the addon matrix, I agree that adding another column with the example addon would make it much more helpful

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
Glad to help out and I very much appreciate your choosing my answer as best.
As TigreToot says, it's because you have all counties logged.

Regarding lack of information on the Wiki, it's a Wiki page, every logged in user is able to edit it and add information, as it says on

Feel free to tidy up the Country badge page, you can take inspiration from how the other badge pages look. The available addons for country badges are: 366cal, 81matrix, ftf, leapday, counties

The other four should be fairly self explanatory. Full calendar in a country, full d/t in a country, at least one ftf in a country, at least one log on leap day in a country, and then, all counties.
Now there is official confirmation and thank you.
I have updated the wiki page as per your suggestion and with the information provided in this thread
Great work!

Just some notes (and I am not demanding that you do anything about it).
* The addon links are broken, I don't remember how the others looks, and if they are links. I could check it myself though.
* Regarding wooden. Project-GC doesn't always use OSM data as it's source, but almost always. It's more of an FYI. From the top of my head I think USA, Canada and Australia have other sources. Might be others.

Regardless it's a huge improvement.
1. Removed OSM from the line.

2. Broken links: The pages don't exist yet?
On they are links but I don't know if there are pages for these addons (yet) because there are pages for the other addons.

I was also thinking of adding the "Addons" category and adding all addon pages to that.
e.g. adding to the addons category

I don't know what the desired wiki structure is but I do know there is room for improvement in the wiki structure.
(We use a wiki in the office for our internal documentation so I'm used to using it) This is starting to get quite off topic, but not a big deal.

To be honest, there hasn't been much planning for the Wiki. The plan is more to hope that it sorts itself out a bit.

Personally I don't have much experience with Wiki (as an editor). I know pinkunicorn (handles most support) has contributed to a few Wiki-sites over the years, also very early on actually. So he has a bit better understanding.
Optimist on the run (user of Project-GC) has helped out a lot when we launched the Wiki, by getting some basic structure into place and also adding several articles, and correcting many mistakes I did. Everything from grammar, to wrong facts, or even not very thought through flows. He also has a work that relates to handling Wiki pages.

In general you are allowed to do whatever changes you feel fit. If you have questions you are welcome to ask them, to see where we stand. Long-term I am hoping that every page on Project-GC has a page on the Wiki, working like a manual. But we are obviously far from there at this point. If I recall correctly I did create one such page myself. I have a slight memory that I got some support question that I chose to answer by documenting it. But it might also be something else I documented.

The only thing I remember regarding structure is that pinkunicorn told me to avoid Namespaces. Our Wiki probably won't be big and complex enough for that to be useful. Again, I have pretty low competence myself.

In short, any help, from editing pages to adding pages and better structure is very welcome. I have hopes that the more content we get into the Wiki, the more other users will be interested in contributing to it.
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Also think your check marks are for showing that you have all counties within a country as you have the checkmark at Netherlands and Lichtenstein where you have all states/regions AND counties (I checked your map).

As you don't have checkmarks at Germany, Luxembourg, and Belgium where you also have 100% of the states/regions but not all counties that is the difference.

The checkmark shows something like "all done" within a country. And as countries are divided in states/regions and then counties, you did it in 2 countries. Congratulation
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)