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Since 2016 the Sardinian provinces Olbia-Tempio, Ogliastra, Medio Campidano and Carbonia-Iglesias were abolished. In 2017 a new province was instituted, Sud Sardegna.
So actually there are 107 provinces in Italy and not 110 as in the stats.
I'm asking to correct these data on Project-GC database and to consider the "new" boundaries.
You can find more on the Wikipedia page:

in Miscellaneous by albi.fc (220 points)

2 Answers

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Supertwinfan’s answer is not entirely correct. PGC takes only the top level data (= country) from (and thus from the CO, who, unfortunately, can also assign the cache to the wrong country).
However, second (= state) and third level (=county) luckily are NOT taken over from but are calculated autonomously, mainly based on OSM. So, the first step to have correct assignments is to have correct boundaries in OSM, but as the change took place in 2016 I trust this has been taken care of (I just checked, indeed that’s the case).

Secondly, PGC has to update the polygon data. This is not an automatic process but needs manual input, and I understand that it is quite tedious. However, of course such changes to provinces as mentioned by the TO would warrant an update, and I assume that the wonderful people of PGC will take care of this as a result of this thread.
by k+gw+a (11.8k points)
selected by albi.fc
Many thanks to both supertwinfan and k+gw+a for the answers.
I really hope - and I'm sure of it - that people of PGC will update this situation.
I'm glad if I've been of some help.
Greetings to all!
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As far as I know it it not an issue of PGC. The geographic data like countries, states, provinces, regions are provided by and PGC uses these data..

And we see a lot of issues that Geocaching HQ is not always correct with these geographic data as perhaps they also get them as a service from someone else.

So bad news: I think it will stay a longer time as it is. Perhaps you can write your issue / request to
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)