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Here are the rules:

1. You cannot use the same animal word twice, e.g. two caches with word dog in the title. You can use different breeds, e.g. a 'dog' cache and a 'poodle' cache will count as two.

2. If a cache has two animals in the title, you may only count one, e.g. SIG-midway to Goose or Elephant you would need to choose either goose or elephant.

3. Animals within words do not count, e.g. 'flying airplanes' - you cannot use the word fly from this cache. However, 'fly me to the sky' - you can use the word 'fly'

5. Animals can be fictional, e.g. a cache with dragon in the title will be accepted.

6. When you log your find you must list in your log all the animal caches you have found with the cache gc code and number.

in Miscellaneous by moloi (120 points)

1 Answer

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It is hard to when there dont exist list with accepted words and parsing all rules automaticly
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)