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0 votes

I'm wondering if a few additional profile stats on the "hides" tab about owner's maintenance would be interesting for some people?

Just like "days since last maintenance" or total number of maintenance, average per time / per cache (wo events) etc.

Some more might be interesting and perhaps wouldn't be a great effort to calculate and add?

in Feature requests by TCapitano (300 points)
It's an interesting idea and hopefully it will be considered.

1 Answer

0 votes
I do not like this idea.

Cache maintenance is required only when something is wrong with the cache, and is not required at any other time. Although some maintenance logs are for "just happened to be passing so I'll check on it while I'm here".

So these stats would a proxy for how often a cache has problems. In other words, which caches to avoid (or which CO's caches to avoid?)

If only as a summary form then this should be roughly linear with the number of hides.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.8k points)
Sorry but that's not true. NEED Maintenance would be the proxy that you described!

Owners actually performing maintenance without any needs maintenance logs. If one has built gadget Caches, a frequent check if everything is right and to fix minor things shows that this owner is dedicated to his work. I see those numbers quite the opposite like you. ;)
Actually, I see it differently.  Since HQ has already established that COs should visit their cache periodically, they have posted updated guidelines on suggesting it in this language:

"To make sure your geocache is in good health, monitor the logs and visit the cache site periodically."

What this means to me is quality vs. quantity is the highest priority.  I already make a point of avoiding COs caches who do not maintain them but that is a personal preference.