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With the revisions and additions from clappy, the BadgeGen already look great.

However, I would suggest/request that the BadgeGen Belt also be extended.

At 400 points, the Golden Black Belt (the highest ranking) is awarded now..

I would request like 420 Platinum, 450 Ruby, 475 Sapphire, 500 Emerald and 550 Diamond

It could be also a higher number and extra stripe on your belt even after gold.

Points are awarded based on the "old" conditions.
I would request some new conditions
0.01 for every Labcache/Adventure Labs
0.01 for every degree from your 360 all around home badge
10 points for completing Jasmer
0.01 points fulfilling positive / negative attributes


what do you think ?

in Feature requests by supertwinfan (19.6k points)

I asked about this several months ago in this thread:

I would agree that updating the belts is a very nice idea and even now I am still working on getting to my black belt.  Hopefully your ideas will be added to the To Do list.

I would make Diamond harder - at least 600, maybe double gold. Not sure how achievable 800 is - I currently have 646 points with 14000 finds. adding your suggestions would give me another 15 points, and given the scaling on the lab caches badge, I imagine some would get a lot more that that.
Taybee was working on updates to the belt system for GSAK - it might pay to check with him, it would be nice (though not required) for the two to correlate.
My idea was already to make a bigger step between Emerald and Diamond. But it coul be 600. I would be fine with that. It's like the souvenirs where I also would like to see the last step not only doing 14 caches, get 1 souveir what ist OK, but then also get the second for "nothing". I would like the last step again a challenge. For the souvenir it would have been: World traveler by doing it twice. And here with the belt it would be 10% or 20%.

Seadnoid said: and given the scaling on the lab caches badge, I imagine some would get a lot more that that.

You're right. 

There must be a maximum points like 10 points (=1000 Adventure Caches), 3.6 points for the 360 degree

As stated in the thread TigreToot linked, we are interested in evolving the belts. But we don't really know how.

My personal perspective is that I don't think adding Platinum to Diamond makes sense. Belts in gem colors seems weird to me. I would hope for something smarter/more creative. And by saying that I am not saying your approach is stupid, because we obviously haven't come up with anything better ourselves either.

We are definitely welcoming all ideas, both regarding points and graphics design/concepts. But most of all graphic designs/concepts.

With this said, we are listening. I will also send this thread to Clappy who designed BadgeGen v4 so that he doesn't miss the input.
Instead of a geocaching sign on the right side of the belt insert a gemstone. One sign of geocaching on the belt is enough.
Lab max points 10 is good. 360 degree could bo also max 10 loops. Max points can be 36, 3,6 is quite low, I think.
Whatever you guys do, pls. do not change the 400 Pts boundary. Not that something similar to the Points for Checker usage happens.

In case the 400 mark and the steps up to there get redefined some Challenge will be invalid.
Some of the max levels really are too low. Like giving only one point per 5/5 with a max of 5 pts. That's a bit lame to those of us with nearly 40 of them.  

Max labs at 10, that's it?  

There are no extra points for fizzy 2 or 3 or 4?  If there is another loop on any gemstone, it'd be nice to see that help with the belts.

We've maxed out on so many things on the list, there's barely any movement on it for us with 5500 finds already.  I believe we're somewhere around 575 points now, yawn. Gold belt was quite a long while ago for us.  Adding some higher goals would be great. Or somehow adding either stripes or gems or, oooo, how about extra belts? Perhaps we can earn a golden black belt in project-gc to become an "apprentice" but as the points continue, start working our way up for a second golden black belt to become a "journeyman"  then a third belt be the "master."  If there are more opportunities to earn points it could be 400 points per belt.  If the opportunities remain so limited as they are now, the second 2 sets of belts could be at say 600 points and 800 points respectively. You could make up a little icon that shows they are a journeyman or whatever level they are.

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