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I believe Lab Caches are on the move in GC-Project. Here a glitch that appeared today

It used to show   x different plus y Labs = x+y   Now it shows x+y=x
closed with the note: As of today Sept 14th, 2020 the bug has disappeared. Someone has corrected the arithmetics behind the screen. That is good :).
in Bug reports by WeinWalker (440 points)
closed by WeinWalker
This is what I am seeing in my profile stats header:

TigreToot has logged 3215 different geocaches,
including 10 lab caches
Data from 2020-09-06
Interesting, I see "WeinWalker has logged 12235 different geocaches,
including 100 lab caches"

Which language do you have set? It might be a translation issue...
After testing it, the same thing happened to me when I removed the check mark from the 'Include lab cache finds where applicable.'  It corrected itself once I returned that check mark.  Not sure why that is happening.
Although being Dutch, living in Germany, I use English.

1 Answer

+1 vote

Go to the link click on Settings in the upper left area just under the 2 paragraphs and put a check mark next to the line

       Include lab cache finds where applicable Paying members only

That should correct the issue for you.

by TigreToot (26.3k points)
edited by TigreToot
Yes it does. It then shows a different text.

However the error still exits in case the line is unmarked again. It then shows 12134 different, plus 100 Labs, a total of 12134 finds

Thx for showing me this very well hidden <settings>
Yes, I agree the settings under profile stats is easily missed.  Also, I don't know if something causes that to get unchecked but now you know where to fix it if it does.
But for those users who, for what ever reason, have not checked this option, the Header line still shows a calculation error... That bug is still there. 12134 plus 100 equals 12134 is shown.

Up to 2-3 days ago the header showed the correct data. Something has changed on the GCProject side in the Header.