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+2 votes
I’m in the process of submitting a Challenge cache and the reviewer is requesting that I can show that a minimum of ten cachers in Sweden fulfill the conditions. The conditions are to have logged a certain number if ECs and Virtuals. Does anyone know if/how one can research this? / geocordially, Killakul
in Miscellaneous by Killakul (230 points)

2 Answers

+4 votes
You can use "Top Finders". You choose cache location: Sweden, only finders from: Sweden and add a filter cache type. You can choose Earthcaches and Virtuals together (if you want the sum), if not you can do the statistics separatly, of course, depending on what you need.

Here, as an example, the sum:

Hope that helps, good luck!
by k+gw+a (11.9k points)
PS.: It occurs to me that probably for your challenge the caches don’t have to be in Sweden. In this case you just leave cache location open:
Thanks a million - this did the trick. / happy geohunting, Killakul
Such a request from Reviewers is new to me. Thought YOU have to fulfill the challenge - but not already 10 others.

This is a challenge. So it could be that YOU are the first one to fulfill it.

That's the idea that others have already or TRY TO FULFILL IT IN FUTURE.
Unfortunately not. The new rules – well, not so new anymore – on challenge caches have introduced – amongst other things, which, unfortunately, have made most of the more creative and interesting challenge caches impossible – the rule that "the reviewer may ask for a list of cachers from your area who qualify" (cf. And they do ask according to my experience.
This demand has been seen for a few years at least, in Sweden. I think it's good, actually.
Speaking as someone familiar with the reviewer community, this is not a new requirement, at all.
In addition it isn't necessarily a requirement - it is a function used (I believe) generally if the challenge is hard and it needs to be seen that there are people who can / have already achieved the goal.
For easy challenges it is unlikely the reviewer will request or even need this
+3 votes
As well as researching top finders - If you have got a checker created for the challenge - can that not be used to 'check' who has qualified
I have done this before - researched the top finders (of caches) for my area and put their details in a checker created for my challenge - once I had found 10 who passed the checker test submitted those details to the reviewer
by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)
It makes sense to use both tools.  First, find out who are the Top Finders in the area based on specific criteria.  Then, use the challenge checker, if it is already created, to check to see if they qualify.  You can use the results as proof for the Reviewer.
yup agree  :-)