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GC project shows lower number of FP earned for some caches. This happens for 2 of my caches, and weekly sync of data doesn't update it to the right number. I've noticed it more that a month ago, and the issue is still there. Please check GC8455R and GC88XFF - these caches received 6 FP each, and my GC profile shows 5 FP for them (see the list on Hides tab). You may also check that the last FP for them was granted more than one month ago. Apparently the lower number is taken into account when calculating other stats, like total number of FP earned and Wilson stat.

Best regards
in Bug reports by zuza88 (160 points)
edited by zuza88

2 Answers

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You could try to use Shift + Reload to refresh the page and see if it resets for you.  I use Chrome and when I pull up your stats I do not see a problem.  The page is reporting 6 FP for each of the caches circled in your picture post.

Based on comments, the Shift + Reload did not work.  So, now it is time to try this alternative.  Click on the yellow Support button from the PGC home page or any other page besides this Q&A and you will see a drop down menu.  Go to the 2nd button called 'Self Support' and click on it.  Then scroll down and click on the Refresh button that refreshes specific caches.  Enter the GC codes for those caches.  

Keep in mind that you are not a paid member of PGC so it can take a week or longer for results to appear.  Paid members of PGC can see results almost immediately or at least within 24 hours.
by TigreToot (26.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
Apparently it doesn't depend on the browser, as wherever from I look on this page (firefox, chrome, safari, iphone) I see always 5 for them. This is also not related to the page reloading.
Did you try a private/incognito window ? It might be related to some caching or cookies issue.
This is really very interesting. When I logout from the gc-project page and go to: I see 6 for these caches, however, if I later login to gc-project back with my profile, I see 5 again for them.
I tried to remove cookies for gc-project page - and it didn't help
Must really be related to your user then. Very strange and I'm afraid this is beyond me. This is one for and admin or developer to look at.
See my edited answer for another alternative. Please let us know if the alternative worked.
Now it looks OK. I did what you have suggested, and everything looks OK now. Thanks! However, wondering why such issues appear...
Not sure why anomalies happen like that but at least you know what to do to fix issues like this in the future.
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Seems to be good for me. When I search for these caches on the Project-GC site (via Advanced Search on the Dashboard), I see the same number of FP as on , 6 for each of them.
by AxelFox (3.8k points)
I'm also seeing 6 FP for each on your stats page -
I apparently see 5, that’s why I consider it as a bug.