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Payment for membership

+1 vote
I just submitted a payment via paypal for a year membership. Now when I look at my membership it says"You currently do not have an active paid membership with Project-GC." Is this site no longer functioning or just slow to upload?
asked Sep 13 in Support and help by cjjohnstad (130 points)
I just checked your profile stats using this tool and it appears that your statistics have updated showing a Challenges tab which is only available to paid members.

2 Answers

0 votes
The site is functioning and it can take up to 24 hours for statistics to update for paid members. The system should be in the process of updating in the next few hours.

First, check to see if you have authenticated (signed-in). Then, try a Shift + Reload the page from this link  If nothing changes, wait for a few more hours and try the Shift + Reload again.
answered Sep 14 by TigreToot (17,000 points)
edited Sep 14 by TigreToot
Project-GC should typically register your payment immediately. It may take some time before the effects of that happen, though: your stats don't regenerate immediately after payment.
My stats regenerated within a few hours for me with very little delay time.  That may not be the case with everyone but I was pleased.
It took mine 48hrs to reflect on my profile
0 votes
It will take some time to get your payment processed within the systems.

Did you get an email from PGC that your membership was payed? I would (also) reccomend to wait one or two days.

Welcome to PGC -you will get a lot of great features with your premium membership.
answered Sep 14 by supertwinfan (15,600 points)
The payment is registered. Right now, the trial membership is still running and will continue until that runs out and the actual paid membership starts running instead but there should be no practical difference.
Actually it only took a few hours to get my trial membership to update my statistics. Once my trial expired, the full membership kicked in and there was no delay in updates.  Maybe I got lucky but it was very quick and seemless.