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Can a challenge be added to our completed list? GC5BF5

0 votes
The Utah counties challenge (the first state counties challenge) was called Cache Across Utah, GC5BF5. We signed this on 16 Dec 2008, but it does not show on our list of completed Challenges. Can this cache be added to the Challenges list? It was created before the Challenge designation became common practice.

Thank you.

Maureen Bryson (UTtoTX)
asked Sep 14 in Miscellaneous by UTtoTX (320 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer
When the new challenge attributes was introduced recently, Geocaching HQ used the challenge exception list we had been running up to that point. I don't know how HQ will interact with that list in the future, but I've nominated this cache to our exception list.
answered Sep 14 by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (153,560 points)
selected Sep 14 by UTtoTX
0 votes
It might be an idea to send a message to the cache owner asking for the new attribute to be added to the cache. Project-GC is likely to switch over to using the attribute to determine which caches are challenges soon (once most/all challenges have this attribute).
answered Sep 15 by sumbloke (Expert) (33,230 points)