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+3 votes
I am working on a challenge cache, GC73KFN, went to a Community Celebration Event on Friday, but the checker did not count the event.  Now I am missing a day in my grid.  Does the checker need updated to include CCE or do they not count as actual events?
in Miscellaneous by JenOvations (150 points)

1 Answer

+5 votes
Community Celebration Events are their own cache type so by default they don't count as regular events, just like Mega-Events don't. It's possible for a checker author to count them as events but this is something that is really up to the owner of the challenge cache to specify.

In this particular case, I'd say that the challenge doesn't specify exactly how cache types not listed (there are more) should be treated. In other places, the text talks about "non-traditional caches" and the CCE definitely is that, so it should at least count for that, even if it does not qualify as an event. Talk to the challenge owner and get a clarification. If that doesn't correspond to what the checker actually checks for, talk to the person listed as "tagged by" on the checker. Each checker is created by a volunteer, so they are not created by Project-GC itself.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
It turns out I already qualify for this challenge. Unfortunately it's 7273.6 km from where I live, so I'm not likely to log it any time soon...
Very helpful question and answer and finally explains how the CCEs actually work in the statistics.  Thank you.