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+3 votes

I know the "Map Compare" page shows 161m circles and corrected coordinates can be used.

I can also filter the "cache type" by physical ones.

=> But i don't know how to display physical waypoints of e.g. multi and mystery caches.
Is there an additional way to get a better result?

My best check is with these parameters:

Thanks for ideas and solutions

in Support and help by micha_de (4.2k points)
Recommend changing the category to Feature requests.

3 Answers

+2 votes
I believe the map on when you're creating a cache page is probably your best bet. This will mark some areas as out-of-bounds due to physical waypoints.
by sumbloke (Expert) (33.8k points)
I believe, that the PGC page ist better, because you can show corrected coordinates.
I'm not referring to the searching map. When you create a cache you get a map to select coordinates. This is the map I'm referring to, which does block out some areas due to hidden waypoints of caches.

Project-GC may not have any facility to provide the functionality you're asking for, because the API is unlikely to provide hidden waypoints. Project-GC would have no way to find out these waypoints without the API providing them.
+1 vote
When I first read the headline I tought this is not useful. Especially because I've many undolved mysteries in my area...

After some investigation I find the idea extremly usefull because the great functionality of PGCs map can be further improved.

Following functions are needed in my view:

- show corrected coordinates (e.g. solved puzzles) => should work as you wrote

- show all stations of caches (also selectable show physical/virtual can be useful to not lead multi-cachers to virtual stations with questions on signs/hotspots of other caches)

- import function of own  waypoints (planned powertrails / new caches)

Should technically easy be implementable (import gpx and show as extra layer).

OK - when this works, the next feature should be a "click on the map and add this Point to a new waypoint-list that can be exported as gpx" ;-)
by Onkel Benny (3.2k points)
0 votes
Project-GC has no support for showing multiple waypoints for the same cache, unfortunately.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (158k points)
Please add a feature request for that ;-)