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0 votes
I added criteria as follows:

Profile name: fbax
Cache location: Canada / Ontario
Center location: London, ON, Canada
Max distance (km): 20

I'm fairly certain that I've found all 30 caches listed on the first page of results.
Results do not change if I enter another profile or even leave it blank.
in Bug reports by fbax (570 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
I ran the tool with your specifications and found that all of the caches listed on the first page have a very light color blue.  The same occurs when I click on the 2nd page.  When I click on the third page there are 2 caches that you haven't found yet indicated in dark blue. In actuality, you have found all the caches listed on the first and second pages.  It's not till you reach the third page that it shows 2 you have not found yet.

When I ran my name all the caches are listed in dark blue which makes sense since I have not found anything in that area.  The same result occurs when I run it with a blank profile name. It appears to be working perfectly. It is not ignoring your profile so what exactly is it that you don't understand?
by TigreToot (21.5k points)
edited by TigreToot
Just to be clear: this list shows the amount of time since *anyone* logged the caches, not since the username given logged them. I.e., the order of the list won't change given what username you specify. The color of the bars will, though.
@TigreTtoot: I guess I see different results when I run this query. The colours I see are blue and grey. All caches on first two pages are blue. On the third page there are two caches GREY. I found BOTH of these caches and they are DISABLED.

I believe the colours mean BLUE=Active and GREY=Disabled.

I specify a filter for profile=fbax and that is being ignored. I expect caches I have already found to not appear on the list.
OK, now I understand.  You had a filter excluding Found activated.

Click on this link with no filters so you can see the difference

Yes, disabled would show as grey. When you run the link with no filters activated, the first grey line shows on page 10 and is the cache called GC8J94G - If You Go Down In The Woods Today...
0 votes
Don't think this is a bug. The statistic works as designed.

With your data I found:

The very first (and oldest) not found cache is

GC1XA96 Along the Longitude

Last found day: 27.08.2015 (by moomcrystal)

Your found day: 03.12.2010


1. the cache is still active

2. the last found day is 1850 days ago

3. your found day is older than the last found day.

4. the caches YOU found are light blue. The caches you haven't found are dark blue.

The statistic don't show "YOUR" last found day of a certain cache. It shows the last found day of any user.

If you like: Find GC6YVVT as this is the oldest not found cache you didn't find. 610 of last logged found.

So the statistic works as designed.
by supertwinfan (17.4k points)
@supertwinfan: GC6YVVT  is probably the most lonely cache in the area that I have not yet found. On my system, this cache is the SAME COLOUR as every other cache on the page.

When I specify a filter for profile=fbax; this is being ignored. I expect caches I have already found to not appear on the list.