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+2 votes
Is there a possibility to generate a ProfileStat for a given Nickname at a given Date?

Like GC2YJXG where I need to answer some question about the first 1000 finds of the User this cache is dedicated to.
in Feature requests by Kamikazecarsten (160 points)

2 Answers

+10 votes


it should be possible according to this, just change the date.

by TominoTO (2.2k points)
I had no idea you could adjust the URL like that.  This is very helpful for going back in time.
I didn't know that either. Just out of curiosity, I put in a date in the future to find out when I reach my next milestone. Unfortunately it's either not that clever, or I'm never going to find another cache :-)
This seems to work on my own profile but not on a foreign profile.
This confirms that database keeps archives and they are built only from past data.  An archive can't be built for future statistics that haven't been generated yet so it makes sense that it won't find something in the future.

@Kamikazecarsten actually that isn't true.  I was able to get it to work looking up statistics for @TominoTO for the date 2018-01-01.  Try this URL Perhaps you tried someone who has locked out their statistics from viewing.
Never heard or saw this feature. Great find/solution
Maybe it does work with GC Premium-Accounts or paying members of Project-GC only.
It doesn't wotk here
I agree.  After testing it with different scenarios it appears that it will only work to look up a Premium account but you have to have a Premium account as well.  I have a Premium account and tried to look up a basic member and it defaulted to the most recent update.  Still, it is a nice feature to know about.
It's an unofficial feature. It might be that it only works for paying users of Project-GC. I honestly don't remember.

It's also a bit of a hack. A very few numbers can't be looked upon historically, for example number of TBs discovered.

Also all/most meta-data like difficulty of a geocache will use today's difficulty.

Technically it's more or less only ignoring logs with a visit-date higher than the llh date entered.
+1 vote
I hadn't seen the whole profile, but you can see the "Progress" of some statistics.
by micha_de (6.8k points)