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Recently, the Views totals located in the upper right of each question has dropped away from this link and is no longer tallying properly when drilling down into a question.  Questions that have been on the Q&A for a few days show only 1 View when I know that is impossible from previous observation.  I am assuming that something got messed up in the programming from the most recent update or it is now a permanent change.  Please let us know.

closed with the note: Issue was fixed by the Admin.  Thank you.
in Bug reports by TigreToot (26.6k points)
closed by TigreToot
Indeed. We agree. That’s what we have been observing for a day now.

1 Answer

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We upgraded the Q2A software last week. One of our patches to handle reverse proxies didn't work properly with the new code, so all clients (users) were seen as the same web browser, therefore did not increase the number of views.

The tracking of views should now work again.

The view count in the list of questions has been moved in the software. Instead of being a discreet text in a corner they have changed it into a box like the voting and answer boxes on the left, adding a third box. It looks too clumsy and takes up too much space in my opinion.

I notice their own forum at least shows it below the buttons. I will try to find out how they did that. Their forum:

by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
selected by TigreToot
It seems to be a part of the theme itself. Maybe we have manually patched that before and lost track of it. I'll see if I can patch it up again.
Fixed! I hope. Does it look like you remember it now?
Yes, it looks great and thank you for fixing it.