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0 votes
I found a challenge,, this Saturday. It is brand new from Friday and has the attribute. However it doesn't show on my challenge tab as a found challenge and neither on my challenge calendar!?

My other stats are updated and the total count is accurate with today's find in comparison to the gc site's information.

And another thing: when that challenge some day is registered in the challenge tab, I have  a difference of 1 challenge in there compared to the number of challenge attributes. Is there an easy way to find which one is counted as a challenge but does not have the attribute? (519 attributes and 520 challenges found)
in Bug reports by IsabellaMolly (920 points)
It has updated and now shows on your Challenges list.
Awesome - though I don't see it yet ;-) guess I'll have to wait til tomorrow :-)
Try a Shift + Reload from the address bar in your browser after clicking on the Challenges tab.
Still not showing it - last challenge it shows I logged on Oct 3 - this one was Oct 10. I even cleared the cache + cookies etc.
Now it shows! and both attributes and challenge count are on 520 so everything is looking good! - Now I just have to go out and find more! :-D

1 Answer

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Playing around with my development checker script to get the details, it looks like GC911D3 isn't showing up in PGC's system as having the challenge attribute. You can use Support -> Self-support to refresh that cache in PGC's system. Then it should update on both your Challenges tab and your challenge attribute count.
by sumbloke (Expert) (33.8k points)
Thanks - it's waiting in the system now :-)
I'll wait patiently for it to go through.