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–3 votes
what is the type factor of the different cache types?  Thanks
in Support and help by roncon28 (90 points)
What do you mean with "type factor"?
Type factor suggests individual preferences - but this is a personal thing and the question relates to cache types
Unless this is a request for data output I can only think this is asking either what type of cache people prefer or possibly container preferences
Please describe the details supporting your question.  Repeating the question in the description area is not helpful.  We have to understand what you are asking to better formulate an answer.  Thank you.

1 Answer

0 votes

Within your profile stats you will find

Finds by type

Finds by size

and some more showing the amount/ratio of your "cache type factor".

With you find some general geocaching statistics per country. You find Caches per DT and cachetypes.

by supertwinfan (17.3k points)