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I like to check my stats, and did so today.  Not only does my name not appear on the list (I am logged in!) but people who have waaaaay more finds are showing a low number of finds.  For example the person with the highest finds has 2,000 some finds.   It's like it's reverted back many years or something.  This is for Top Finders: Only People from: by country USA State: MN and Geocache location by country USA and State: MN.

When will this be fixed?
closed with the note: Issue was resolved.
in Support and help by MooreTooExplore (160 points)
closed by MooreTooExplore
Yes, I just ran my own screen name with only the United States.  I'm not ranked where I should be according to how many total caches I have found.  Not to mention the top 2 finders in the world mondou2 and Alamogul only show a fraction of their total finds.  Both come from the US so most of their 200k+ finds would be from that country.
Looks like over all finds and finds by county now work, but when I do days cached, that is still off.
Ran my Stats in Germany / Hessen

And the result looks fine (@  25 Oct 12:11 GMT)
@WeinWalker - I agree after running your stats with only Germany your stats report properly and then when I add Hessen, they are still reporting properly.

However when I rerun my stats using United States only, the stats do not report properly.  When I include Texas, they do report properly.  Something is "wonky" as the OP described.
that is why I added mine. The worst bugs (to find and solve) are the ones that are not consistent. It might help the ones that provide the fix.
This appears to have been resolved time to close the thread.  Thanks.