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I am seeing a discrepancy between my lowest altitude cache between the dashboard and badge.  On my dashboard I see GC1KKMX listed as -7ft. For the badge I am seeing a silver badge at "-1".  I see the issue may be with different units feet vs meters.  Can we be consistent between the two. Can the user have the option to choose metric or imperial units?

Can we also get units displayed on the badge table?  High Altitude also please.

in Bug reports by WanderingExplorer (6.8k points)
edited by WanderingExplorer
Actually that cache is at -2 meters, as can be seen in your list of badges. The text when you hoover on the badge clearly says that the unit is meters. My guess is that a change here would mostly give new problems since the conversion between the two would be a bit messy, 1 meter is 3.28084 feet so the tiers in feet would be: 0, -3.28084, -16.4042, -32.8084, -82.021, -131.2336, -196.8504 and -328.084 and the badges would have to have the same requirements because badges can't be easier/harder based on your settings. :) And if you put "-3 feet" instead of "-3.28084 feet" when the requirement in the database is -1 meter there will be somebody with a find at -3.0 feet asking why they didn't get the silver badge. ;)
Rounding would need to be added to the implementation to prevent strings with decimals.  Also, it could cause endless disputes with some not accepting the level they are awarded.  Let's just hope that the badge isn't eliminated all together.
There seems to be a big problem with altitudes at the moment - I have found a cache roughly at sea level that has awarded me a -944m altitude!

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I had a similar question several months ago at the following link  The question didn't address the low altitude badge but it applies.

OK, to provide some perspective, the units reported in Badgegen are only listed in metric.  There is no option to toggle to imperial units that I have been able to find.  Perhaps this will be added in the future.

Looking at your statistics, you have found 2 caches below sea level which advances you to Silver.  The find you reference is -7 feet and it converts to -2.1336 meters.  This falls within the range of -1 meter to < -5 meters.  I realize it would be nice to have the option to toggle the Badgegen display back and forth between metric and imperial but it just isn't available right now.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
Thanks, ok, I understand the toggle feature is not available and that my badge correctly identifies in meters now. It was not obvious at first glance. Good to know the Badge gen units are in metric, its good practice to identify the units where applicable, I would think this would be something easy to add meters to the Badge numbers in table to avoid confusion for others and new folks.
I agree, it would be a good idea to add visible information that clearly explains units in meters and I do hope that a toggle feature can be added down the road.  Of course, if the US had converted to the metric system none of this would be necessary.  Oh well, maybe some day.