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in Support and help by SRDobb (160 points)

2 Answers

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Using map compare, you can list all your finds.  Click on this link

Scroll down and click on the tab under the map called SRDobb found and it will show you the list of all your finds.  Keep in mind, it will not show your lab caches and doesn't give a numbered list.

Another option would be to create a My finds GPX file using this link

One other way I discovered recently is to use this tool considered Not a Checker: Unfortunately, something is wrong with it if someone has too many finds and fails to return a result.  I have not figured out the exact threshold but I did run it with someone that has 5496 finds and it worked.  I was able to get it to work for me with 3249 finds.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
Very nice way to go through the own found it history. Thanks for sharing.
Some of us may have to add the "From to log date" filter to map compare, because the list is limited to 3000 entries.
is there a way to get a "numbered" list
To my knowledge, an actual numbered list is not possible with current tools but maybe down the road something can be implemented.
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I believe neither of the methods mentioned by Tigre will give you what you want (at least from the description you provided).

The not-a-checker does not work for more than 5000 finds, Map Compare table is limited to 3000 entries.

Indeed, you can use Pocket Query or My Finds to get GPX and process the XML to get a list, either manually, in GeoGet or the other closed-source one tool.

If you are just interested in the list of your finds (or all logs), I find it quite useful to have a look onto this page:

It indeed contains other log types, but it is certainly ordered and certainly complete list, which will work for everyone.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
If you prefer GC-codes in the table use