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The Live Map isn't working anymore for me. I get following error message: "Error! Failed to retrieve data, reload page to try again." Happens in both Firefox and Chrome. Any ideas how to solve this?
in Support and help by LordT (250 points)
Reminds me of the "not secure" warnings we can't turn off on Chrome and Firefox no matter what flags we turn off. Does the problem persist in Internet Explorer? Sadly, that's the only way we've found to get around our other problem, maybe it'll work for this too. Curious if it will.
My browsers are up-to-date.
No opt out on
I've rebooted several times since the problem started.
Tried Microsoft Edge, but same problem.

Thank you all for the suggestions!
I'll reach out to Support, hopefully they can figure out what the problem is.
I'm seeing this too not when I load the Live map but if I set the Minimum Favorite Points to 10 and click Apply on the Filter fly out.

I tried in multiple browsers which I never use and don't have extensions so it doesn't appear to be a client/browser causing it.

If I turn on developer tools in the browser and look at the console, I see a 500 error response returned from PGC on the POST to
@Team DEMP - I used the 10 FP parameter in the Filter fly out and it worked for me without any errors.  The only thing I can think of is that some setting is turned on / off somewhere but the stars only know what that could be these days.  It could be from the operating system, browser, or within PGC.  If it is still an issue, I would follow the @LordT approach and reach out to Support.  Good luck.
I opened a support request after my post yesterday. Still failing across 3 browsers and 500 response is indicative of a server based condition and not a client based cause.

1 Answer

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I received a response from support that they have addressed the situation on their development environment and it will be implemented in production soon.
by Team DEMP (1.4k points)