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in Support and help by Team Tilano (130 points)

4 Answers

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For payment issues, please contact the support through the "Project-GC Support" button on the page. This is a community support and nobody from here have any insights into the payment details.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
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The only 2 options that are available based on reviewing this link are by credit card or Paypal.  The others listed are grayed out so not available at this time.

As previously mentioned, you can contact Support by clicking on the orange button located in the upper right section of the screen from the membership link I provided above.  This Support button is available from the Dashboard as well.  Scroll down to the last option called Project-GC Support and click on it. Fill out your information with as much detail as possible so the Admin can understand the problem.  Good luck.

by TigreToot (26.5k points)
>The others listed are grayed out so not available at this time.

Actually, all the listed payment options are available at the moment just not to everybody. I'll copypaste what Project-GC said on their official facebookpage about this, they also added that "mouse-over explanations" of this is on the to do-list:

"Those that are disabled only work for:
A) Specific currencies, by switching currency they may get enabled again.
B) For users in specific countries, usually only one single country.

Due to (B) we only enable them if we detect that the users IP is in a matching country, or that the Geocaching profile seems to belong to a matching country. Over 90% would otherwise just meet failed transactions."

This was a comment on this FB-post:
That is helpful information and if it is true that it is location sensitive, then it should be posted somewhere on the page or another area that everyone can access such as the Wiki.  I do not use Facebook and do not plan to start.
You don't really have to use facebook, you can bookmark the Project-GC facebook-page and read it without an account, just close the popups that try to make you get an account. :) It will be added to the wiki sooner or later, probably when somebody decides to make that Membership-article. (read as: I might do it tomorrow if I have time but everybody is free to add things to the wiki! ;) )
Information about payment options have been added to this wiki-article: :)
Thank you for doing that.
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If the problem is that it is grayed out, start by testing to switch between USD/EUR/SEK to see if anything makes the button light up. If that does not work, contact support as others have described.
by Pleu (12.1k points)
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Have you seen

2020-11-23  - New payment methods and Black Friday discounts
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Nope didn't know about this until you posted it.  Thank you.
it was posted today