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Since we are all hoping for a vaccine, we can already start thinking about the "new" goals for 2021. 

As most of us would enjoy events and caching with friends - there is shure more :-)

So what are your goals 2021 ??

My are:

-stay healthy 

- 100 caches per month (so 1200 more end of 2021)

- visit an event every month 

- visit at least one mega

- fulfill my 360 home

- Create an Earthcache

And as I would like to use some PGC statistics as a guide:

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachesize micro

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachesize small

- fulfill BadGen AddOn 366 days for cachetype Tradi

- some more round for the Attribute Cacher Badge (so mostly rare ones like scuba gear)

Fill your calendar (366 days) with Challenge cache finds.

ago in Miscellaneous by supertwinfan (17.9k points)
Da finde ich meine Frage besser ;-)
Ich habe deine Frage letztlich in Bezug auf die Zeit nach Corona verstanden. Die meisten Antworten waren "Besuch von events" - so auch meine Antwort darauf. Meine Frage zielt eher auf die allgemeinen Ziele in 2021.
Entschuldige, das hatte ich zuerst nicht berücksichtigt.

9 Answers

+1 vote
Always a great question at this time of year - we didn’t manage all our 2020 goals so let’s hope we can all set some new ones!

Our goals for 2021 (apart from keeping fit and well) are:

(1) Achieve 10,000 finds

(2) Fill our find date calendar with at least 3 caches per day.

(3) Try to fill in a few more months on our Jasmer grid by finding some golden oldies - we have only 12 months to go.

(4) Hide (and find) some more challenge caches.

(5) As we were allocated a Community Celebration event, we hope to organise a special 2020 event in 2021, and celebrate not only 20 Years of Geocaching, but also a world getting closer to its old self again!

Our goals and ambitions for 2020 were:

(1) Attend 3 Mega events (including our first one outside the UK, and the GPS Maze) and at least 40 other events.
Sadly, we never got to attend any Mega events, and only managed to go to 9  ordinary events before the UK lockdown on March 23 2020. Fingers crossed for 2021.

(2) Fill our find date calendar with at least 2 caches per day.
As of 22 November we have 4 days still to go, but under current restrictions and exercising allowed, we should be able to complete this.

(3) Visit more countries outside the UK. We have 10 country souvenirs so far, so would like to increase these.
Our overall plans were scuppered, but we managed to get to Ireland in early March so added one country.

(4) Try to complete our D/T grid the second time round.
Completed on 9 August with a D1/T3.5.

(5) Find Europe’s First cache GC43.
Achieved on 6 March when we were in Ireland 2 weeks before lockdown! A great cache!

We also hid a Large size cache, the last of our 2019 goals now fulfilled.
ago by GCZ Team (20.9k points)
+1 vote
Yeah, I wish I could hope for an event per month but I don't think that currently realistic. The last events in Sweden were held in the beginning of April. Still, here are some things that I'm hoping to do:

- get the 366 addon for multis
- get the boat addon for T5s
- get diamond for cache types (again, since the limit was raised)
- host a CITO
- arrange a megaevent
- publish some more earthcaches
- complete a few more jasmer months (assuming I'm allowed to travel abroad, all the Swedish ones are done)
- publish a couple of planned gadget caches
ago by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (160k points)
+1 vote

I thought we had already answered this in another thread and so for continuity purposes here is the link

My goals are the same as mentioned in the other thread with a bit more:

  1. Attend a Community Celebration event
  2. Host a CITO event
  3. Attend a mega / giga event
  4. Cache with friends and work toward my 5000 finds milestone.
  5. Achieve my black belt level.
ago by TigreToot (23.3k points)
edited ago by TigreToot
Hi, in "plans after corona" most answers were "events" and not goals for the whole year. So I had the idea to open a new thread.
OK, thanks for letting me know.
+1 vote
1) Reach 25k finds
2) Continue with my personal calendar challenge and that is to turn all the dates to a darker green than most are now - this will mean getting 26+ caches in all dates - I started this year with the aim for 25 but realised 25 doesn't change the colour so now with some gaps in June mainly
3) Also to continue with completing DT grid to 13x or 14x - currently on 11x but wth the right trails and good weather we could reach 14x
4) We had also planned on completing Jasmer - only 2 months to go not sure if we can do this by the end of 2021 but always a target
But then again it does depend on what happens with this Covid thing - we may have to settle for getting this lot done by end 2022 ;-)
ago by Deepdiggingmole (12.0k points)
+1 vote
  • Stay healthy 
  • meet friends at events
  • Achieve 8.000 finds
  • Lots of webcam caches 
ago by Gerry :-) (170 points)
+1 vote

I have a single goal 2021 :

Jasmer !

ago by JipéT (240 points)
+1 vote
It seems my goals aren't nearly as ambitious as some other answers, but here goes :

1. Getting my 1000th find.

2. Continuing my streak up to at least 366 days

3. Filling the D/T matrix

4. Getting a blue belt in BadgeGen

5. Perhaps it's time to hide a cache of my own
ago by AxelFox (2.4k points)
It's all about the individual effort that counts.  Who cares if your goals are not as ambitious as others.  What counts is how important they are to you.  Good luck.
You're goals are ambitious. You have very important milestones like 1000th find and 366 days strike and filling the D/T Matrix round 1. These are great milestones and if you succeed you will have more goals like Fillig DT Matrix for a specific Cachetyp or getting gold belt or some more BadgeGen diamonds. Good luck.
Your goals are great! Each year we all build on what has gone before, and you have some wonderful things to work on there!
Thx everyone for all the encouraging words. 2 and 3 are going to be the most challenging. The rest will follow naturally, I think.
+1 vote
- Filling the D/T matrix

- Filling the calendar (days found)

- Attending a Mega or Giga outside my own country (and with that, at least one new country)

- Expand Jasmer-months, more counties, etc.
ago by zymes (270 points)
0 votes

Catch that darn frog!!! cheeky

ago by J&LA (400 points)
good luck. He can not be overseen - but he is very fast