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It's fairly simple to search caches in an area for positive attributes.  However, I'm not certain how to search caches by negative attributes.  All help appreciated.
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in Support and help by GreenHell (450 points)
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2 Answers

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If you are a paying member of Project-GC, you can create a Custom Filter for an attribute. Positive and / or negative.

You find the Custom filters In the menu from your username or use )

Click New

Choose a name and click Add

Select the Attributes tab, find the yes or no attribute you want, select each one and click "Add as required"
Click Add to filter, then Save

Go to Map Compare

From the Add filter dropdown, select Custom filter.

In the Custom filter dropdown, select the filter you just created. 

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
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Thank you very much!
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After running your user name through the Profile stats tool, I see that you do have a paid membership.  Here is the related link that explains what is already discussed and offers additional options.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)