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Reward: RTT in Michigan (USA)

0 votes

This is about this trail: RTT in Michigan.

When every challenge on the trail (currently 17) has a checker, we will reward each tag-creator with 2 months of membership per tag.

If you find that a challenge is technically impossible, reply here and tell me. I will then review it, and add it as an exclusion if I agree.

Some of the challenges already has tags, the creators will automatically get awarded for those as well, when the trail is done.

Feel free to post here when you have created a checker, so that we can follow the process. When the trail is complete, do post here so that I notice, and can process the rewards.

The impossible list:



asked Jan 7, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by magma1447 (Admin) (221,310 points)
edited Jan 7, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin)
benchmarks:  RTT Challenge Cache- 25 Benchmarks Found/Recovered

Oldest caches RTT Challenge Cache - Michigan's Oldest Five

TB/geocoin RTT Challenge Cache 50 Travel Bugs/Geocoins Moved

2 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer
All challenges in the trail exept the impossible ones are tagged
answered Jan 7, 2015 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
selected Jan 7, 2015 by magma1447 (Admin)
Wow that was quick, well done!
+1 vote
And one impossible is tagged becuse of new API metods RTT Challenge Cache - Michigan's Oldest Five
The TB is still impossible because moves cant be checked for
answered Feb 15, 2015 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)