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+3 votes
I appreciate the Tool that shows a map of the Challenges in my area.  

Could you easily add the list of challenges above or below the map so that I can do a text search on the list?  The reason for this is I want to make sure there isn't a similar challenge in my area and hovering over / clicking on all the challenges on the map is time consuming.

Thank you
in Feature requests by cala3 (180 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes

Have you seen:

This is a map of all geocaches that Project-GC considers to be a Challenge.

You can show all Challenges within your Country down to Counties and Regions.

There is also a Text search possibility

by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
The only thing I miss in the map is the possibility to hide my Founds.
You can hide your finds by clicking on the geocaching symbol on the upper left side of the map (looks like an x). Then you can see a smiley. Click the yellow smiley and your finds disappear.
The OP is already aware of the Challenges map when they said, "I appreciate the Tool that shows a map of the Challenges in my area?"  What they need is for someone to answer their question by providing a means to make a list similar to what you see in the Map - Hidden Month tool.  To my knowledge, that doesn't exist meaning it is not possible to answer their question.  The post was a Feature Request and the only one that can effectively answer is the Admin to let us know if this will be added to the To-Do list.
Function found.
Thanks a lot
Yes, thank you for clarifying what I was asking.