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+3 votes
The LabCaches are just really blossoming.
They are great to do because they are logged with an answer.
But what about the information that you then need to 
make the bonus caches that may have been created for it.
I would be interested in your opinions.
in Miscellaneous by DieRose (840 points)
Ich finde es klasse wenn ein Bonus dabei ist, dann hat man die teilweise einfachen Antworten und noch was zu suchen.

I think it's great when there is a bonus, then you have the sometimes simple answers and something else to look for.

20 Answers

+6 votes
I'm not really fussed about Adventure Labs either way. I think they are too easy to get 5 quick caches, but then there are some that make you work harder to attain them which is fairer.

Not all AdLabs have an associated Bonus Cache. It is an optional extra.

The one thing I do like about them is that if the AdLab has been enjoyable, and the bonus cache is half decent, then it's an opportunity to give the CO a Favourite Point in recognition of their hard work.

But a lot of bonus caches I've done are quite average, so they are just another relatively easy Mystery/Puzzle Cache.
by TwigNZ (4.7k points)
+6 votes
Personally, I hope the adventure lab caches do not change the entire geocaching game into another munzee type game.  My concern is that it will eventually replace the original concept and then I for one will lose interest.  I don't mean to criticize or be negative, but I do believe Groundspeak needs to set limits on how many can be published to include the associated bonus caches.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
I am completely with you. Finding a Bixx is another feeling of happiness.
Even if I sometimes have to log the caches, it's something completely different.
+4 votes
The original reason for the bonus cache was to be an "advertiser" cache - to place a cache on the geocaching map that advertised the presence of lab caches. In the early days many geocachers didn't even know they existed. Now there are so many bonus caches that I not longer feel the need for any more.
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)
I agree. There is talk of making AdLabs visible on the Geocaching maps, which I'm all for provided we can hide completed ones so they aren't cluttering up the map once found. But if they do appear on the maps then (as you say) there won't be a need to 'advertise' their existence.
The option to hide both found and not-found lab caches needs to be implemented since not everyone actually goes after them.  The map is already cluttered enough with conventional caches so I hope they provide the option.
It isn't just the plethora of bonus caches its the fact they continue to farm out Adventure Labs without addressing all the different aspects of the app that do not work - An Ad Lab CO has very little control over their own 'caches' which can easily be logged remotely and nothing can be done by either the CO or HQ about deleting spurious logs - they have removed the ability for a CO to check who has done what with their Ad Labs as the list of finders has now been removed (excepting the first 10 of course)
They have even started to push out 5 more Ad Labs to COs with no notice or request - many aren't putting the additional 5 out having been very disappointed with the lack of improvements following feedback from the first lot
Well at least (as of yesterday) you can now hide your completed AdLabs on the app.
Just make sure you are running the latest software version 1.2.29
+3 votes
I don't like them because most of the Lab Bonus caches I have found so far have only one purpose: The owner begs for a Favorite Point.
by Grümscheler (1.7k points)
That's a fair point, although as a cacher I would hope that any FP's are given because the AdLab AND bonus cache are collectively worth it.
Too many times the bonus cache has had little thought or effort put into it. I tried to make sure mine wasn't like that.
+2 votes
I think it is not an "easy or not easy" question as there is no D / T rating with the lab caches.
On the other hand, putting a Bonus cache allows you to readjust and give a difficulty 
to the lab caches. I saw T5 lab caches ...
by JipéT (510 points)
+2 votes
I dont always go and find the bonus cache after, it depends on how far away it is, and about the time. Sometimes i dont have the time, sometimes  i will "save it" for later (empty calendar day fx.). If the AL wasn't really that exciting, then maybe not either.

But ontopic, it is fine for me with a bonus, but i'm actually dont really care. If the labcache itself  looks exciting, then i will find it, and if not, then i skip it.
by zymes (630 points)
+2 votes
I like Bonus caches after an Adventure Lab. After you "found" the Station you sign your found. And it is the chance to give a Favo for the efforts, information, tour of the Lab stations.

A little better question is why I get founds for each station. It could/should be one for fulfilling the lab and perhaps a second if you do the bonus.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
Ah - the age old question - similar to
Is it a 5 stage multi with different questions or 5 unknowns each with their own question ?
The good old question and still no answer from HQ why a Lab gets 1,3,5 or even 10 founds and a "normal" cachetype only one. I would prefer 1 found for a lab. This would also be an "answer" to the not personal visit of Lab Caches. If you "only" get one point it is not so much interesting for cachers to log without visiting..
I generally agree. Whilst I have done a couple of AdLabs that have really been involved, with appropriate effort needed to visit each waypoint, most I've done were fine in themselves but not worth a 'find' for each location.
+2 votes
I don't like LabCaches. You need an online connection and a specific app to play them.

Instead of 5 LabCaches and a bonus cache, they should create a five stage multi cache.
by capsai (1.5k points)
+1 vote
Of course, most of these caches have the 
reason to get a favorite point for it, 
so I don't think it's great if you then 
have to write something down in order 
to get to these bonus caches.
by DieRose (840 points)
+1 vote
I think it's an good thing as an optional. If the finders want to give a Fav for Labs there's the way. If the owner don't want to hide the real cache or he doesn't have a free place to hide it, so he did't had to make a BONUS cache.
by KhanSol (400 points)
0 votes

A couple of options are to:

  • have a clue appear in the journal for each waypoint in the adventure - the bonus cache then uses the clues as a puzzle to work out the final coordinates
  • simply have the final coordinates in the journal of the last waypoint in the adventure - this will only work if the adventure is set to sequential (instead of doing the waypoints in any order).
by bruzie (1.7k points)
I gave an upvote to compensate a useless downvote...
Your answer fits to my experiences.
Puzzle Codes are sometimes useful for codes in locks.
Clear codes are also fine. I think it also depends in the Difficulty-Value.
0 votes
For me there is the issue around spurious logging
Unfortunately Ad Lab caches can be logged remotely very easily and for a CO of an Ad Lab series not being able to do anything about that is really frustrating. Sometimes you know they have been falsely logged, sometimes it is not so easy to prove. However having a physical cache at the end of these 5 virtuals does make that task a little easier as this can be checked up on.

I know that ALL caches, even physical ones can be logged 'remotely' but a good CO will deal with the spurious logs on the physical ones by deleting the log (once evidencing the falsehood)

The information for the bonus (going back to the OP) is not a hard thing to manage adding little pieces of information regarding the final co-ords for the bonus into each of the journals - and it doesn't really matter that this can be easily found as signing the final sheet of paper is what is important - a remote logger of the Ad Labs can not do this so will they bother with the bonus
by Deepdiggingmole (13.8k points)
0 votes
I think Bonus at LabCaches is simply good !
by die jankis (600 points)
0 votes
I decided to hide a bonus for both AL caches that I have been given. I felt it is some extra challenge, and provides a link from one world to the other. The one may appreciate the 'advertising' effect from seeing the bonus and the other may enjoy collecting numbers and do the little bit of math that I am asking to find the location of the bonus. For my own finds I somehow consider the bonus the 'cream on the cake'.
by Domino_67 (6.8k points)
0 votes
As the app isn't ideal to write a detailed log, I prefer the bonus for logging.

For some people LabCaches are quick statistic points,
to others they are a new type of caches an a bit special.

[x] I miss a map that shows all the points of the LabCaches (not just the AdventureLabs) to plan a tour including Geocaches, Opencaches AND LabCaches. My solution is to use GSAK and two macros: ImportAdventureLabs and Leaflet_Map.

[-] I would like to hide all the AdventureLabs, I've found.

[-] LabCaches should only have a sequence if this is absolutely necessary.

And finally I don't like LabCaches far from the others of the same series, far from the AdventureLab-coordinates shown on the map or far away from the associated BonusCache.

Greetings from Germany and PX
by micha_de (7.1k points)
0 votes
I view Adventure Labs similarly to Virtual Caches.  I love both for their uniqueness and that, much like Traditional Caching, bring you to interesting locations and as a bonus, teach you something about it.  By adding a Bonus Cache to an Adventure Lab, you can give a FP to the CO for their efforts to educate and guide you along another adventure.  I would like to see make AL's a part of their website, including alerts to notify cachers of new AL's.
by GreenHell (450 points)
0 votes

for me it's fine to find a physical box. I enjoy it smiley yes

by Spagg68 (1.3k points)
0 votes
We like them, especially as a hider. Our bonus caches have given us one more opportunity to expand the experience for the players. We must be doing something right, because we're getting a fair number of fave points from the 2 we have.
by J&LA (650 points)
0 votes
I like it to have the easy-to-log labs and a bonus with a real cache to sign. Great combination.
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
0 votes
Bonus are the highlight for Labs.

They give me a physical Point, are very often correlated to the Labs topic, sometimes checks the learned Lessons, give me the possibility to write long personal and unique Logs, offers the possibility to upload pictures, track TB's and Coins. Of Course giving a Fav isn't possible in other ways (especially when you do a short Trip without the chance to find another cache of the Lab-Owner for that Fav in a foreign area).

So yes: Bonus Caches fits very well to the concept of Labs, but need development by the Owner like every other Cache-Type / -Project.
by Onkel Benny (3.6k points)