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What is right format in note field on coordinates ?

I have problems with the format of the coordinate, I can´t see the corrected coordinate place on the map.

in Support and help by joaasp (140 points)
You mean on project-gc or geocaching? Geocaching shows only location of "corrected coordinates" not anything in the note filed. Project-gc takes some time to update (you can speed up things with self-support).

2 Answers

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It is best to avoid using special characters to display coordinates such as the degree, minute, or seconds symbols and only use the period between the minutes and seconds.  Using @fankido second example is the better one to use:   

N 47 38.938 W 122 20.88

If you are on a laptop using, you can use the pen next to the published coordinates to enter corrected or solved coordinates and then submit.  Once you do that, it will shift to the corrected or solved coordinates on the map.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)

Coordinates within field notes are not automatically used as corrected coordinates within maps.

Within you have to use the pen next to the original coordinates and change them to N xx W zzz ww.def.  If you copied them from somewhere check that it is NOT N xx' W zzz ww.def' (with Apostrophe at the end)

Within c.geo you have to change the coordinates by setting your field note coordinates within the area of waypoint editing. There you can select your field note coordinate als local (new) coordinate or global coordinate (including changeing it on

After changing the coodinates you have the (new) one also on the maps (c.geor, geocaching etc).

<cite>Coordinates within field notes are not automatically used as corrected coordinates within maps.</cite>

This is not true. :
"Project-GC primarily parses your personal cache notes at for corrected coordinates ..."

new to me - i thought you have to edit the coodrinates. In your link: "If you use the function to edit the coordinates on the cache page, PGC cannot handle it always."
Thanks for the link!
You are welcome :-)
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Hi joaasp
If you are asking about field notes just put them in as shown in the cache listing.
Something like N 47° 38.938 W 122° 20.887 or  N 47 38.938 W 122 20.887

What caching app are you using? Does your app support this feature?
C:GEO does, others I don't actually know about.
by fankido (2.4k points)