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0 votes
I am a fully paid up member of PGC, which means that my Stats get updated on a daily basis.

I also have my PGC stats published on my profile page on my Groundspeak account.

The strange thing is that if I look at my PGC generated stats through my Groundspeak profile then it is completely up to date, more so than the same Stat page on PGC.

I will see if I can add screen shots to illustrate from my phone (not easy for me), but has anyone else noticed this phenomena?
in Miscellaneous by TwigNZ (4.7k points)
edited by TwigNZ

2 Answers

+2 votes
Yes, I have noticed this as well.

My theory is that the stats are generated on-the-fly whenever you access them, but there is a hold-off period of 24 hours after each stat generation. So, if you have not looked at your stats for the past 24 hours (and no one else has either) and then you look at them, the is no running hold-off period anymore and you get the updated stats immediately.

I believe this is a separate counter for the Profile Stats page itself and for the image-generated stat you put on your profile.

Just a theory off course, I have no insights in the actual code.

Kind regards,
by AxelFox (3.8k points)
0 votes
If I do this I still see yesterdays stats on both.

However, what I have noticed is almost real time are 'tools' like 'map counties'.  You can make a find in a new county and 5 minutes later that county will display 'green'.

Clearly some statistics/tools are retrieved on demand, and others daily/weekly.
by GreyHams (1.7k points)
Next time you have a few cache finds to log, go into PGC to force it to do your daily Stat generation first, then log your finds and then check your PGC stat page as displayed through your Groundspeak profile page (assuming you allow it to display your PGC stats).
I bet you'll notice that the PGC stat page through Groundspeak will include the ones you've just logged, whereas PGC won't officially update your stats until the next day :)
Most of the site is as real-time as it can. The Profile stats page is only generated daily or weekly depending on your payment status and there are a couple of top lists that need to use cached data for performance reasons (like the streak top lists - this should be stated at the top of each such page), but apart from that, pages are generated from current data. Project-GC updates its database with new finds as quickly as possible.

For more details on this, see
I totally understand about how PGC generates its stats, and have no issue with it. I just find it very curious that Groundspeak can supposedly replicate the PGC-generated data, but be more 'real-time' than PGC about it.
I do appreciate that certain mods are incorporated into the data, such as not displaying Nearest or Furthest cache (to respect privacy of home details).
It is merely a curiosity. One of many in life :)