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two days ago Groundspeak published a new souvenir. It's called "Last 2020" Here you can see it:

I suppose it should be put into the category "Others". But two days later (it means today) it is uncategorized still. Could anybody move it into the right category, please?

Thanx in advance, eltopo00
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in Support and help by eltopo00 (1.8k points)
closed by eltopo00
Souvenir is now properly categorized.
@TigreToot: Thank you for your info.
Today I saw the icon in the category "Specific day"
It's not one of the most important questions, but nevertheless I don't understand:
Why is the souvenir "Last 2020" categorized under "Specific day souvenirs"?

Groundspeak HQ doesn't tell anything about it in the additional information as far as I understand it right:
"We did it. We made it. This year brought unprecedented change, but we still came together as a community despite challenges. Through it all, caches were found, souvenirs were earned, and travel bugs achieved their mileage goals.
[Last 2020] "

There will be another souvenir at the real last day of 2020 - but maybe I'm not informed very well.
Actually I saw the update published in the Groundspeak newsletter regarding the end of year and beginning year souvenirs.  They are awarding the end of year for an entire week 12/24-12/31 and then a new souvenir the beginning of the new year for another week starting 1/1-1/8 which suggests there will not be another one.
Thanks for finding that link since I was unable to.

1 Answer

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@pinkunicorn places the souvenirs in the proper categories and I'm sure he will get to it as soon as possible.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
Thank you for your fast info.