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I was looking at some Challenge caches and running the checker just to make sure.  

In my stats on Project GC and in both show that I got a cache on that day.  

When I run the checker, it says that I am missing one (March 19).

Is this a bug?
in Bug reports by MooreTooExplore (160 points)
Please provide a link to the checker you are trying to run so we can check it out.  After looking at your stats, I confirmed the same thing that you have found a cache on the day mentioned.  My Finds by Found Date is displaying correctly.
Thanks for helping me out!

Here is the checker that is linked to the challenge cache page:
I've compared some examples of the checker results with my finds on gc and it works fine for me.

Which cache have you found on March 19?
It appears your find on this date is a Lab Cache, and this particular checker doesn’t count Lab Caches, and I think that is why no find is appearing for that date.
Was it an Adventure Lab cache you found on 19 March?  If so, it is not considered as eligible when the checker looks for caches.  You will have to find a conventional cache on that day.
I thought Lab Caches only counted for the total caches found, and nothing else?  I didn’t realize they counted on your calendar.  I’ll have to check which cache I found on that day.
Ugh. Why can I not think of how to look this up??? What is your way that you do it?
According to your stats, it is a Lab Cache called ‘Earth Element’ that you found on that date :)
I ran a search, and that is the only cache you’ve found on that day.
It's easy to look up, just go to your Profile stats - Lab Cache tab at the following link

Keep in mind that lab caches tend to cause a lot of anomalies and questions so if something looks out of whack the first thing you should do is assume lab caches.

1 Answer

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It was already answered in the comments that the issue is a Lab cache that you found on one day (without any normal cache). The Challenge cache listing does not explicitly allow or denies lab cache finds so by default these should be included in challenges like this. The checkers already have a way to retrive lab cache data:,35985

So I would recommend you to open a new checker request in and after it will be in, ask the original tagger of the previously posted checker (Aix sponsa) or anyone with moderator privileges to disable/remove the old one.

There will be thousands of checkers like this to fix as this API is relatively new and most of the old checkers was not updated.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)