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+1 vote
I fulfilled the 360 degrees once. Every time I open the page, the tool shows me the goal "6 finds".

Is there a trick to always set the display to the next goal - in my case "2" ?
in Support and help by micha_de (7.1k points)
Happens with me - but I think they set it to run in increments 0-1, 2-6 depending on whether you have completed your first 360 or not
For me 1 to 6 is an _unusual_ jump.
I expect single steps (+1)
Sorry that should be 2-6
In my opinion it's a default and depends from how many loops you have succeeded. In my case it always shows "10". I have fulfilled five loops.

So don't worry.

I tried to answer, but that didn't answer the question. So I convert it into an comment, sorry.
That's not an answer of my question.

Maybe there is a url parameter or that "feature" is a bug (?) I don't know.
I regret that I did not understand your question correctly. Please sorry for that!
One would think it would default to the next needed level and be dynamic for each player.  Perhaps it is still something that needs to be adjusted since this tool was a work in progress several months ago.
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1 Answer

–4 votes
I think 6 is the score to fill second circle of 360
by KhanSol (400 points)
This is incorrect.  The way it works is you find a cache for each sector up to 360 to reach diamond.  Then after that you can loop it again by finding another cache per sector up to 360.  You can continue all the way up to 99 loops.  There is no score to achieve in this particular badge.