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+8 votes
After two years with only six caching days, 2020 has been a little of a "stats-year" for me - despite corona.

Not as many events as i hoped, but hopefully that will be better, later in 2021!

How was your 2020? Did you reach your goals?

My own goal for the year was just "preparing" the calendar, to be filled up in 2021.

My stats for the year, if i find the one planned cache today, and one planned cache for tomorrow:

Total finds: 864 (139 days caching)
FTF's: 1 (hurray!)
New souvenirs: 15 (now 138)
New counties: 5 (now 57/98 in little Denmark)
New cachetypes: 1 (Celebration event)
New D/T combis: 16 (now 79/81)
New "find dates": 48 (now 341/366)
New dates in "Placed date": 14 (now 361/366)
New Jasmer-months: 50 (now 218/248)
in Miscellaneous by zymes (630 points)

15 Answers

+4 votes
I didn’t really make goals for 2020 (probably just as well!) but did still enjoy the caching that I did do! In terms of stats, I visited 8 new counties, got 11 souvenirs and 4 new DTs. I also hit 1000 total finds! Managed to get 2 FTFs also, and spent some of my time planning a new series of caches (should be placed soon!). Although not directly geocaching related, I also climbed both Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike this year, UK and England’s highest respectively, and this was probably the best parts of the year. Here’s to 2021!
by DrAcorn (3.5k points)
+4 votes
My score in 2020

Total Finds: 725 on 129 days caching

FTF's - 34 !!!

new souvenirs: 15 (now 71)

New counties 116 in Poland (now 234/380)

New D/T combinations - 7 (now 73/81)

New challeges - 16 (now 22)

I hope 2021 will be better :)
by KhanSol (400 points)
+4 votes
the quantity of found caches was great. But no new country points, only two mega events and only a few other events. Thats what Im really missing... hopefully it will be possible to attend to events in next year.
by Rumreisenden (4.3k points)
+3 votes

My 2020 was to short to do all the things on my agenda.
A lot of limitations, nearly no geocaching events except the "virtual" ones in

I miss real events, looking for interesting places together with friends, holidays and much more.

Best wishes for 2021 smiley

by micha_de (7.1k points)
+3 votes

The corona virus certainly meant a restriction for me when it comes to caching. I especially missed trips to other countries and events. Instead, I discovered a new tool: 360 ° from home.

I now use it regularly and have a lot to discover again ...

Greetings, eltopo00

by eltopo00 (1.8k points)
+3 votes
Unfortunately, my year wasn't that great and that 
didn't necessarily have anything to do with Covid.
This is the worst year of my statistics, because 
I was able to cache more in my first cache 
year 2012 than this year.
I've only reached one good point, I've 
finally got the 81 matrix full.


I wish all of us the best for 2021.

Mein Jahr war leider nicht so toll und das 
hatte nicht unbedingt was mit Covid zu tun.
Das ist das schlechteste Jahr meiner Statistik, 
da ich in meinem ersten Cache Jahr 2012 mehr 
cachen konnte, als dieses Jahr.
Nur einen guten Punkt habe ich erreicht, 
ich habe die 81er Matrix endlich voll.


Ich wünsche uns allen nur das Beste für 2021.

by DieRose (840 points)
+2 votes
Geocaching was my only saving grace and helped me to keep my mind off all the negatives.  Even though my total finds for a year was the lowest since I started, I still managed to find caches in the wild and enjoy the solitude it provided.  I did achieve several goals:

1. Reached my 3k finds milestone

2. Achieved Diamond level for Finds by found date grid

3. Filled in 4 more Jasmer dates to gain ruby gemstone with 240 out of 248

4. Visited and cached in 3 new states

5. Cached on leap day and gained 17 addons with 9 currently visible

6. Obtained the Diamond level shield on PGC

7. Achieved Diamond level on the Attributes badge

8. Achieved ruby gemstone for Shutterbug and FTF addict badges

I am grateful to geocaching and Project-GC because both helped distract from the ongoing nightmare we all experienced throughout the year.  Let us hope that the coming year will be a great improvement.
by TigreToot (26.6k points)
edited by TigreToot
+2 votes

Even though it was an extremely unusual year with some hardships, we were still able to achieve some goals. And even some previously not set / intended goals:

Some nice laps to more distant destinations.

Thanks to PGC, we made some very special cache tours to find caches for statistics:

filled 366 days in the region, since we have not traveled.

filled 366 found days micro

filled 366 found days small

filled 366 found days Mysty

another DT 81 Matrix round

Best wishes for 2021 and combined with the hope of reaching new goals, nice cache tours with friends and of course carefree attending events.
by supertwinfan (19.6k points)
+2 votes
Productive - on the geocaching front, found several hundred AL locations and have attended 22 community celebration events.

Personally - working from home was like getting a raise and 3 hours of my life back everyday.  I've also been blessed to spend alot of time with my granddaughter.
by TerraViators (9.0k points)
+2 votes
We had made up our goals and ambitions for 2020 in advance, some of them, sadly never came about because of ‘you know what’!

(1) We wanted to attend 3 Mega events (including our first one outside the UK, and the GPS Maze) and at least 40 other events.

Sadly, we never got to attend any Mega events, and only managed to go to 9 ordinary events before the UK lockdown on March 23 2020. We have sorely missed caching events this year so fingers crossed for 2021.

(2) We wished to fill our find date calendar with at least 2 caches per day. We completed this goal on 5 December and hope to try to make it a minimum of 3 per day next year.

(3) We planned to visit more countries outside the UK. We had 10 country souvenirs to the end of 2019 but although our overall plans were scuppered, we managed to get to Ireland in early March so added one country.

(4) We wanted to try to complete our D/T grid the second time round. This was a good success for 2020 and we completed it on 9 August with a D1/T3.5.

(5) We have long wanted to find Europe’s First cache GC43 and this was achieved on 6 March when we were in Ireland.

(6) We also hid a Large size cache, the last of our sizes to hide, and this was also a Challenge cache based on the 7 ‘sizes’ of cache.

(7) We achieved our 7000 and later our 8000 milestones.

Considering the world circumstances, we don’t think we did too badly!
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
edited by GCZ Team
+2 votes
Despite the limitations that the year has brought we managed to get two new countries ticked off - one helping to get one step closer to completing Jasmer (now only 2 months to fill)
We also managed to reach 25x Calendar grid and 11x DT grid
Several other personal challenges were not achieved but that simply gives us those goals for the future to look forward to. We are currently in a very restricted Covid situation with the new strain taking over our neck of the woods (SE UK) so for the time being caching is very much on the back burner - but looking forward to when we can get out there freely and travel again

Happy New Year to all
by Deepdiggingmole (13.6k points)
+2 votes
I found 459 caches this year. Not my best year, but not the worst either. I got a single cache outside the UK, in Kolkata, India, back in March. Unsurprisingly the holiday was cut short, so I missed the chance to find the earth caches at the Taj Mahal, but I was fortunate to get home the day before lockdown began.

The India cache marked the start of my longest streak without a find - 65 days ending in mid May.

In August I managed to beat my record for caches found in a day, getting exactly 100. These were mainly puzzle caches, so I beat my record for those over the year as well. I didn't get any Mega events, and haven't attended any events or CITOs at all since leap day. I managed to fill my 366 day grid for UK caches, and I'm currently working through my 366 grid for traditional caches as well.
by Optimist on the run (Expert) (18.7k points)
+2 votes
My best year is 2020:
500 caches in one day on 13.07.2020
1000 caches in July of 2020
5000 caches in 2020
87 FTF's
by romath1 (290 points)
+1 vote
Our goal every year is to get at least 1000 smilies.  We blew that away and finished the year with 2040.  We also continued our monthly FTF streak and am currently at 107 months.
by GHBuccaneers (170 points)
0 votes
I wish I could find the thread in which I set out my goals for 2020, and then I can properly compare the desire with the reality. Certainly I didn't get to travel abroad, or attend the 3 MEGAs I had planned on doing.

But I made the best of my situation, helped by living in NZ where freedom of movement was largely unaffected apart from the 1 month of full lockdown we had. After we got out of that I went a bit full-on caching mode, attending far more event that I had previously and the upshot was that 2020 was by far and away my best caching year ever.

I ended up with about 1600 finds for the year, and made huge inroads into personal challenges such as completing my D/T and Jasmer Grids etc.

Bring on 2021 !!!
by TwigNZ (4.7k points)