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For the Calendar Cacher Badge it says I need 4 more days for the next loop (Loop 2), the needed found dates tool says I need 5 days for Loop 2 (days with only 1 cache found).  None of those dates are leap day by the way. Not sure why the difference.
in Support and help by WanderingExplorer (6.2k points)

1 Answer

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Lab caches. On the February 1st, you found 7 lab caches, but only 1 cache.

The lab caches are counted towards the "The Calendar Cacher" badge, but they are not visible in the NeededFoundDates tool.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by WanderingExplorer
Oh, I see now. How did you figure that out?
The simplest thing was comparing information from the BadgeGen (4 days needed for next iteration):

and output of the Needed Found dates tool (5 days needed):

Cross-checking this "discrepancy" with the calendars in Lab Caches tab of statistics makes it clear that the lab caches are the issue:

The lab caches are available only in the profile stats (where it makes sense) and not in the rest of the tools throughout the web, which was discussed earlier, but never fixed