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+1 vote
My streak isn't calculated correctly. It stops on a specific day.

It stops at the exact day where I had made 2 logs (not a lab cache!) of which I deleted one again.

But there is a second log with the same date, that should work for the streak.

Now I don't know what to do. Why isn't it calculated? includes it for the streak on the statistics page.
in Bug reports by gnabbr (130 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote

Checked your statistics and noticed you are not a paid PGC member so it takes 7 days for the system to update.  Paid members enjoy an update every 24 hours.  You can try a manual update by going to the Support button under the Dashboard Good luck.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)

Point is: I did log all my logs for the last 4 months yesterday. Including those 2 if which i deleted one.

And it has been updated after I made all those logs, between yesterday and today.

Its just too much of a coincidence that exactly there it stops, i think. Are you sure that that is the problem?
@gnabbr Is the number of days in your streak correct in this top list? If it is then your problem is the update mentioned by TigreToot. If it's not correct in that top list then there is some problem with the logs you mentioned.
No, it is not correct on the TopList. It should be 694 up to today. I'm still on my streak.

I logged 2 logs on the 17th of october 2020, one of those i deleted. The remaining one is GC8VDNZ, but for some reason it is not counted. Would it help if I delete it and log again?

Any idea why this is not counted?
Did you log the correct date from the beginning or did you edit to correct the date? Other than that I don't have any idea. I'd try self support to force a update on GC8VDNZ.
Yes, I probably edited to correct the date!

So that could be the problem? Why?

What do you mean by "self support to force an update on GC..."?
When you log a found on a cache PGC gets the info very fast, but when you edit your log it might take a while for PGC to be informed about that. Since the cache was found by an other user today the error will probably correct itself within 24h since PGC gets the info about the other cachers found very fast and at that moment it also gets the info about your edit.

If you want to correct this manually, go back to the main PGC site. On most pages you have a orange button labeled "Support" in the top right corner, click that button. You then click the blue button labeled "Self-support" and add the GCcode you wanna refresh in the input box at the bottom of the popup window, click the button labeled "Refresh" next to the input box. This starts a refresh job for that cache. When the job is done your streak should be correct in the top list that I linked earlier, your Profile Stats will take a little while longer as mentioned by TigreToot. :)
Thanks a lot for your help and patience with me. I'll try that and check later if it helps.

Happy new year!