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0 votes
I understand the issues with including adventure lab data in reports and queries, but it would seem, since adventure lab totals are shown on the cacher home page, it should not be impossible to include them in the "top finders" query.  Or, if that is not desired for some reason, to create another statistics query which does include them.  The question came to light since a cacher here in New Mexico created a "power trail" dedicated to the top cachers in the state, but the numbers (and rankings, in some cases) are off since lab cache finds are not included.  There are cachers here who have over 900 lab cache finds, while others have none.
in Feature requests by ZenGuru (210 points)
I too would like a top finders of lab caches. Include standard filters of country, etc.

But not Adventure Labs. An Adventure Lab is just a wrapper containing (usually) 5 lab caches. There have been and may yet be (though probably not) ways of getting lab caches that do not involve Adventure Labs.

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