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+2 votes
Looking at the map for the Faroe/Faroer islands in the map, there seems to be a weird second image of the map behind and to the right.  The main one is colored white and green as expected.  The other seems greyed out.

I wonder if the islands are also included in the map for some other country and both are shown. Perhaps the registrations is not good and they are over each other.
ago in Bug reports by sloth96 (3.7k points)
Are you talking about live maps on PGC ?
I am looking at that map now and everything looks fine
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Got it - and yes I agree with comments below it looks like the regions are overlays and dont quite fit the borders of the underlaying map which is the basic one - more obvious with smaller countries and especially small islands.
This is basic mapping and is simply to show the regions you have cached in - no relation to exactly where you have found caches, so the requirement to be exact isnt overly necessary. As long as you can identify the regions you have/haven't cached in thats all that is needed

2 Answers

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This seems to be a displaying issue, which also happens for the other maps (see Malta, Luxembourg, Guernsey, Jersey, Estonia, etc.).

It looks like there is a gray base layer with not-so-detailed polygon outlines and the more detailed outlines are placed on top of it in green and white.

Maybe magma4477 or pinkunicorn can give further insight on it.
ago by clappy (14.1k points)
Ukraine and Belgium also seem to have an issue.
Yes, apparently all maps have the issue. The larger the country the less obvious it is.
–2 votes

I had already posted this issue on 7.1.2019. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in this regard since then. Presumably nothing will change either.

ago by smellfooth (3.8k points)
This is a separate issue.  Your old post talks about it not appearing colored on the Europe map.  This talks about the funny shadow in the Faroe Islands country map.