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With the announcement today of a second locationless cache (GC8NEAT), it got me wondering at how logging it will affect the cache-to-cache distance travelled statistic. While "locationless", it still has posted coordinates in Seattle (over 11,600km from my home).

Would logging this give me an easy 23,000km boost to my total distance travelled? And if I log two other caches either side on the same day, would that make it my most travelled in a day?

I could even save it for our Mega event in case Signal does make it and then log both on the same day with caches in between to make well over a full circumnavigation in a day.

Would this also give me a new country stat? (I've only been to NZ and Australia)
in Miscellaneous by bruzie (1.5k points)

3 Answers

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No. The locationless caches are excluded from the traveled distance as well as other traveling caches and caches where it does not have sense.

I have already the from last year, which is also locationless and it is not counted in any location-based statistics either.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
selected by bruzie
+2 votes
As Jakuie stated, they do not count against any travelled distances or distances from home. They do also not give you a new country stat or souvenir.
by clappy (15.3k points)
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No, No and No :-)
The only thing it may affect is the output on some country based challenges - I have come across a few checkers which have included locationless caches or more correctly not excluded them. I have found 14 and this often messed with checker results.

This is because few cachers actually have locationless caches in among their stats and so when they put together a challenge involving visiting countries or number of countries in continents for example they do not think about the locationless cache and so do not specifically request excluding them (which i understand is an easy fix anyway)
by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)