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0 votes
I´ve logged a Mystery-Cache an 1st of February, but in the Challenge-Check it isn´t shown.

Challenge-Cache: GC7MPHA - +++ Mystery Challenge Wien +++

Mystery-Cache i have logged: GC1BQFZ - Baumstämme

Maybe there is a Problem
in Bug reports by crulamin2 (120 points)
Has your question been answered ? (see below)
I see you now qualify for that challenge so I am hoping this is yes ;-)

1 Answer

0 votes
I think this might be a timing thing
I have just run the checker for you and it does show you as having found a mystery on 1st Feb

Though you do not qualify as you still need to get the 31 consecutive days part, but I am guessing you are working towards that

Try it again
by Deepdiggingmole (13.1k points)