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0 votes

Is there a way to check how many geocacher in a county or a whole country that have logged a geocache above 4000 meters or maby 3000 meters.

Thanks and best regard

in Miscellaneous by Team_Frida (120 points)
Wow, a down vote for asking a question on a Q & A!  Really?
Maybe a mistake - and if not my question aren’t good enough
That's possible.  You might consider editing your question and adding more detail to make it easier to understand.  Maybe the down vote will go away once you can do that.  Good luck.
I got two complete good and understanding answers so I don’t complain
If someone have problems understanding this fairly simple question they should ask instead.
Over and out.
Actually I meant to edit the header (subject line).  No worries.

2 Answers

+1 vote

You could try using existing challenge checkers and try different people, for example: - checks for 1 cache above 3000m and - checks for 1 cache above 4000m

by DrAcorn (5.2k points)
Thanks - it will make it diffycult to check if a challenge will be accepted then.
But better than nothing.
0 votes
Not possible at the moment
by the Seagnoid (Expert) (46.3k points)