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+10 votes

Hi everyone,
the country badges have been updated slightly.
They now feature larger and simpler flags, which reduces file size and traffic. The font size on the ribbon has been enlarged on most countries as well (there are a few countries with very long names that still have a smaller font, but most have been upped by 15-25%).

The flags are now larger, more uniform and in many parts more abstract. The idea is to not necessariliy have the perfect, official flag (can't be done anyway, as the medals are round), but a set of icons that is easily identifiable and provides all info at first glance.

I have also updated the "all counties"-AddOn, it is now a little different checkmark.

As always: if you spot some errors or if you have any ideas feel free to comment, give constructive feedback.

What's next?
We are currently in the process of reworking the Maps section, both visually and the underlying OSM data. No updates on current issues will be made until the rework is done. 

The Belt system will be reworked, too. First ideas have been collected, but this will be targeted somewhat later this year. We do not want to downgrade current levels, but rather expand and streamline the current system.

in Miscellaneous by clappy (16.3k points)

3 Answers

0 votes

I seem to have an imbalance issue, 22 shown but details show 21?



by The Spanners (150 points)
It says: "A total of 21 country badges achieved: 7 gemstones and 14 medals".
If you look closely, the last one (Gibraltar) has a "wooden" badge, since there is too few data to calculate percentages of regions.
At the moment, the wooden one is not included in the details, however, I realize it might make more sense to include them.
Thanks for this, it was just a bit odd everywhere else seemed to say 22! Perhaps an explanatory 1 liner statement to make it obvious when viewing is needed if it isn’t added?

Thanks for speedy response


0 votes
Haha, who drew the Bhutan flag? Love the MS Paint-dragon on it XD
by Pihoqahiak (3.7k points)
Rest assured, no MS Paint has been used for the flags. ;)
It's a stylized dragon verson, I might tweak it in the future.
0 votes
My Czechia flag badge seems to be missing now. Looked at a few other profiles, it seems to be the same.

In other notes. The Lab Cache picture in the wiki is still the old one.

Keep up the good work. I cant wait to see the new belt system. ;)

BTW. How about a new Waymarking badge, now the creator of Cachly is working on a “Waymarkly” app. :) ?
by Pallefj86 (280 points)
Ok strange, I will forward this.
My Czechia badge is there, so I did not notice.

Re: Waymarking. If I recall correctly, Waymarking is not supported via the geocaching API, and it is not included in the general GC stats, so this will probably never happen.
I’ve now updated the wiki page to show the correct image.
Re: Czechia: error has been spotted and will be fixed. Badges should show up within 48 hours