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+3 votes
I like how you can toggle between the different geocache types on the Difficulty/Terrain grid to see how many more of that type you need to find to fill the grid. Where could I find the same information for geocache sizes?
in Feature requests by mikeri (170 points)
I think nobody bothered to create this for cache sizes as the cache sizes are highly subjective and can change during the cache lifetime. Cache types are very different, each with its special properties and requirements and it makes sense to collect different D/T combinations as history shows.
I thought about the same the other day and would like this feature.

And maybe on top of that the same for the year with cache types and sizes.
It would really help with the D/T addon for the badges. It would give an idea of how many, and of what size, are needed to complete.
You already can - - select filter 'D/T type/size'

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