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+1 vote
I would like to be able to run top finders and top placed stats from 2 combined bookmark lists (as each list is maximum 1000 caches ).
This is for the village hall series which is just about to reach 1000 caches and when it does I will need to start a new list - I will have bookmarks for series numbers  #01 - #999 and #1000 - #1999. I would like to run stats to include caches from both lists combined - is this possible?
in Feature requests by GeoJaxx (240 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Kind of. If you first import both the lists to a VGPS you can then use that as the selection criteria instead of the bookmark list.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (163k points)
Thanks I have done this for myself but can I check - will non- paying members be able to see the finders stats with my virtual GPS if they have the URL?.  Currently I provide the URL to the stats with the one bookmark list set as a filter and they can view their own position for the series -  but as virtual GPS is not available to all will this also mean the finders stats will not be available with it set as a filter?
Another question - will the finder stats automatically update as caches are added to the bookmark list as it does at the moment with the filter set to one bookmark list or will the virtual GPS have to be refreshed to show new caches in the bookmark list?
Since VGPS is for paying members only it won't work for them, and you would have to share the VGPS with them, just giving a link does not work.

The method I describe is a workaround. You copy the contents of the bookmark list to the VGPS, so it won't update automatically.
Okay. This method will not work for me then.
Would this be something that would be possible as a feature request  - that more than one bookmark list can be used in a stats request.