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0 votes
Do FTF stats show up as soon as you get your first FTF or do you have to find a certain number before the tab starts populating

in Support and help by Deepdiggingmole (12.8k points)
edited by Deepdiggingmole

1 Answer

+1 vote

FTF stats show up from the first FTF. Assuming the FTF is tagged correctly or added to a FTF bookmark list so that PGC can actually recognize it of course.

This is easy to double check, just use to find a random player with only one FTF and you will see they have the FTF tab in their Profile Stats.

by Pleu (5.3k points)
Thank you - I thought it probably was but then I recalled one of the stats doesnt start until 10 had been found so wondered if it was the same for FTF
Hadn't thought of the topFTF to check though - thanks