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0 votes
Is it possible to get the result in an excel sheet  so i cann analyze the founds in found date or county or district?
related to an answer for: Can I create a map of all finds?
in Support and help by 4-tjes (120 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Once you have mapped all your finds as per the related question, you can add them all to your Virtual GPS. You can do this by clicking the Virtual GPS on the left side of the map, clicking the line tool, and drawing a circle around all your finds, then clicking the green + button on the same left side menu. this gets all your finds in your Virtual GPS.

It is possible to sort the caches in many ways within the Virtual GPS itself, by clicking the ‘group by’ menu, but if you want an excel file, click ‘Export’, then select ‘Download CSV’. It is then possible to open the CSV file in Excel.
by DrAcorn (2.1k points)
note, that virtual GPS is available only for paying members: