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0 votes
Dear Sirs,

I was wandering what is the sort rule, the order in the list of top finders - is it the largest number of cache finds in counties? Less number of only one find in the county?

I am the second on the Poland list (Lekkoduch) but I was the the second person to achieve 380 counties finds, so what it tthe sorting patern, if it is nit a secret :)


Marcin (Lekkoduch)
closed with the note: all doubts are dispelled
in Miscellaneous by Lekkoduch (130 points)
closed by Lekkoduch

1 Answer

0 votes
There is no sorting order apart from the number of county finds. The order of people who have the same number of finds is not defined.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (171k points)
Thank you for answering. However it is very strange... There are only 11 geocachers to find 380 counties in Poland (max no). Geocachers on the list change positions on the list in time - Cooola has moved above Dadoskawina,  WOOODZ was the 10th to find all 380 counties but he is 11th now as a new person has joined „380 club” so there has to be a second sorting pattern...
It would be difficult to understand why the list changes :)
Please reconsider the possibilities. Thank you in advance :)
Best regards,
"not defined" means "essentially random". The database can return those items in any order, and that order isn't necessarily the same from time to time.
Thank you for your answer Roger that.