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–1 vote
The "Blue Switch Day 2021" should be in "Specific-day Souvenirs" (like the previous years) not in "Other Souvenirs"
in Bug reports by micha_de (7.1k points)
It could be argued that "from May 2 through December 31, 2021" is not a specific day and therefor it belongs in the "other" together with souvenir promotions. :)

But I agree it would be preferred if Blue Switch Day 2021 was placed in the same category as earlier years so it's easy to see what years you got. I think the current category increases the risk of confusion/misunderstanding and people might think there is something wrong with one of their souvenirs.
And "The Socializer" is under "Event-related souvenirs" instead of among the other "7 souvenirs of August" under "Other souvenirs". I don't envy the guy who has to take these decisions though.
Just to note that last year's blue switch day souvenir also ran from May to December, and is categorised under specific-day. Personally it doesn't bother me how they're categorised, but I agree it ought to be consistent.
There are others that are mismatched from their set - the final souvenir from the Mary Hyde  series, and the Creation Celebration event which is also part of the Cache Carnival series. As ChriBli says - I don't envy the the guy who has to make the decisions!

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