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+5 votes
Could there be a badge for finding lonely caches?

Either total days of loneliness interrupted (only counting those past a year) or single most lonely.

Or even an entry in the Finds tab showing the loneliest cache found?
in Feature requests by ExpectToSelfRescue (170 points)
edited by ExpectToSelfRescue

1 Answer

0 votes
Currently, there are no plans for such a badge.
There are two ways to calculate the loneliness (as you already stated):
longest time between your visit and the previous or age of the cache in days divided by number of finds.
by clappy (15.5k points)
I have encountered a third definition of Lonely Cache, namely the physical distance between a cache and its neighbours.
There was a challenge to find a number of caches that had to be a minimum of 5 Km from any other cache.