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I noticed I can't access the settings on the browser script as I used to anymore, the arrow is hidden and when I click the place it's supposed to be the menu shows up but the whole page instantly reloads so I can't edit the settings.

It seem to work as it should when at but I can't seem to change the settings when I'm on any other page. Tested in Firefox, Chrome and Brave, same problem across all three browsers. A guess is that it might be related to the banner since HQ redid it recently?

Not a huge problem, but annoying enough to report it here. :)
in Bug reports by Pleu (12.2k points)
edited by Pleu
I don't have the arrow icon on any page, but the clickable area is still there. I'm running Chrome, and when I click on that area, I have a brief time to make changes before the page reloads.
This is probably a better description of the issue. You are apparently faster than me or your "brief time" is a bit longer, for me it's not realistic to make any changes before the reload so I'll have to go to the specific page where it works as intended if I want to change anything. :)

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