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Hope this hasn't already been raised, can't see anything about the UK here though there appears to be similar resolved issue with Germany. On the UK maps, going onto Regions: Southern Scotland gives me "7 of 0 counties logged" though the coloured sections on the map work, though the non-completed counties are grey not white. The Northern Scotland region is also wrong, as it displays 4 of 32, which is not the right number of counties, and the ones in Southern Scotland also show in white, not coloured in as would be correct. The same issue (with different numbers obviously) is also true with North Wales and South Wales (2 out of 0 in North Wales, 4 out of 22 in South Wales). Also, is there meant to be any logic to the order the regions, didn't they use to be in alphabetical order?
in Bug reports by Moore4us (4.8k points)
I've got finds in every United Kindom county but checking this morning, I noticed it said 103 of 102 counties! Checking each region it is South Wales counties that has the issue, is says I've got "17 of 16 counties found"? Carmarthenshire is listed twice as: "Carmarthenshire" and "Sir Gaerfyrddin / Carmarthenshire".

2 Answers

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You have helped us find an issue where some counties "belong to" the wrong region in our data-sets. We have corrected our code so that this should work properly in the future and are currently re-importing UK. The import of UK is however quite complex and it will take a few hours to correct it.

Countries affected by this bug was:

  • Ireland
  • Tajikistan
  • Syria
  • UK
  • Trinidad and Tobago 
  • UK
  • Belarus

All but UK has been corrected already. A new render of Profile stats will be required to see the change though.

@Pleu should have half of the credit for figuring this out.

by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
selected by Moore4us
+1 vote
Order of regions should be the regions where you have logged the most caches first and the regions where you have logged the fewest caches last.

I'll look into the UK-issue, I have an idea about what have happened!
by Pleu (15.3k points)